CONDOR STRIKE is an independent consulting and training firm specialised in data governance and data analytics for auditors and fraud fighters.


Based in Paris, CONDOR STRIKE is operating in France, abroad and remotely.


CONDOR STRIKE owns strong expertise in the field of fraud fighting, auditing, risk management, data analytics, data governance and compliance (Bribery, GDPR).


CONDOR STRIKE supports its clients with their data projects from the audit phase to the operating support and training ones and can also provide externalised services (for instance external DPO).



CONDOR STRIKE was present at the ACI Symposium in London on November 2nd for the launch of the ACI Handbook.

The Chapter on Data Analytics of this global reference guide was cowritten by Emmanuel Pascal who handled specifically the structured data part.

You can download the handbook on the ACi Internet site or order the paper version 

CONDOR STRIKE is working with GLC europe to propose two  immersive training courses on risks management and data analytics methods online in February 24