There are several groups or layers of unusual items within organisations that are partially covered by internal controls or some Data analytics tools.


Nevertheless, there is an untapped potential of unusual items because of a lack of data governance or analytics methods.


With its proven methodology, Condor Strike can help you to reach these layers of unusual items and deal with for the benefit of your organisation. 

Layer n°1 : Until now unusual items were detected through several basic methods from tips to classical audit tests.


Layer n°2 : The development of data analytics tools or specific softare allowed automatisation of simple tests. But these tests were mainly covering internal controls gaps and not complex Fraud schemes or control checks for audit. 


Layer n°3 : This layer consists of complex scams or issues and can be explored through advanced techniques combining the use of several sources of data and complex algorythms. Only a few people are reaching this level and we can help you do it.  


Layer n°4 : Some unusual items are not detectable because of the lack of data or they are too complex. This is where data governance is intervening by improving data or get them available. Condor Strike can help set up this data governance in place.