Course overview


This course will enable you to understand the challenges of the use of data analytics in audit and fraud and learn techniques to face them.


Through practical examples and focus on areas such as accounting, financial, operational, and technical data, it will show how data can be used for testing or understanding.


This course will also cover the analysis of unstructured data (emails, files…).


Key Learnings


Delegates will be able to:


  • Find ways to use data in the different phases of the audit process and design audit tests


  • Define an approach to use data analytics in an investigation and design fraud tests


  • Set up a plan to implement data analytics in their activity for fraud and audit


  • Understand how a data analytics software work and how they could use it 


  • Practice their knowledge on synthetic data with realistic use cases (see the Data use cases factory) 

Training method


The course will follow a practical approach and will include:  


  • Presentation with the key points knowledge supported by use cases and examples


  • Interactive group activities based on exercises and cases studies including practical data analytics cases with data


We will also provide documentation to complete the knowledge provided during the course:


  • Documentation from official sources


  • Templates to start using the learnings  


This training can be virtual or live, as groups could gather in zoom rooms during the use cases sessions.




To make these sessions as collaborative as possible, a section is included to let the attendees bring their own issues to discuss situations and requests they are facing in their job that could be solved with data analytics. 

Contact us to know more about the planned sessions with our training partners or ask for an inhouse session.