When it comes to training, Condor Strike is already present in several universities in Paris (Vinci in la Défense and Dauphine-PSL) and working with French and international partners to provide short virtual or face-to- face trainings. These trainings are covering Internal Audit, Fraud fighting, Data Analytics, but also Corporate Finance and CSRD. 


These training modules are designed for both students and working professionals.


In addition to the trainings we offer to our partners, we can also provide in house and dedicated trainings within your premises. 


These modules cover : 


- Internal, Risk Management, Internal controls essentials 

- Overview of methods and tasks 

- Specific working methods and templates 

- Emerging risks such as cybersecurity, AI and ESG/ CSRD 

- Exercises and Use cases to practice  


These cases are taking into account the evolution of work methods, norms and new challenges. Somes cases are immersive and to let students work within realistic details (see above).  


Training courses are in French or in English. 




Regarding Data Analytics, we propose you the Data Master Class (DMC), specific modules fitted to your needs and strategy that can last from one day to 3 according to the complexity level and the volume of use cases reviewed during the sessions.  



During the DMC sessions we are using the immersive uses cases from our library, the Data Uses cases Factory. 



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